My "mental health and love 2022" were no different from yours Hauwa.

Mental het dey cost😢

Just when I thought I wanted to give my heart a break too, I'm starting to doubt my abilities to do so. But if there's one thing I'm positive about for 2023, it's taking baby steps towards such decisions. I really am going to take my time.

Thanks for sharing yours with us. I really love you and I'm exceptionally grateful for the content you share. It puts me in the mood to share more of myself here too. You're such an inspiration 🦋🖤

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Can't believe I read a serious Hauwa letter, but it's lovely. I want to scale up in my writing career in 2023, I want to get remote jobs, I want to build a saving habit. I want to be able to spend on myself a little more and provide things that bring me comfort. I'm getting all these, I pray ✨

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Thank you for this letter Hauwa!

You made me realize my not so little win’s that I have not thanked God for.

My head was not in a place at some point but I realized later to take things one at a time.

I hardly go home, I live alone too, I hardly go home because I do not want to be insulted. My family is fine but bad words have become a norm when my parents get slightly upset(which is almost always lol)

I’m trying to find a balance between myself, work , growing new businesses , my relationship and everything else.

I want to make new friends, but i don’t have energy to.

I hope 2023 is a great year for you and I and everyone else. I hope I can afford therapy this year too.

Thank you so much for your letters and this one especially. I always wish I had who to tell these things to. One tear just came out lol but I’ve cleaned it😂

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Thank you for sharing this, Hauwa. I don't think the year 2022 was a good one for me, so I am glad that it has come to an end. I didn't make as much money as I would love to make. I didn't even save a dime and it is hurtful because 2022 was supposed to be my iphone year😂

On love, I am still with the same man from 2020. We have been engaged for a year, and I cannot wait to start our journey together. I am also scared that might not happen because, life is kicking us hard, financially.

On faith, I just returned from a retreat, so I am still on fire and I hope that it stays that way, I am enjoying it.

I am alive, after battling with my health for the better part of the year.

Rent expires inside this January, I am so scared because I cannot pay it myself. But, we move.

Thank you again, for sharing. I wish you the happiest new year, and cheers to doing more

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I’m so excited to read this from hauwa, hauwa is never serious in her write ups😂😂. Entering 2022 was really not so much for me, I wasn’t looking forward to anything cuz I was healing from heartbreak and some family issues. I was basically just living life and allowing it to toss me around. This year I’m making more money, I’m going to be intentional about my goals and growth, I’m learning that skill and I will make sure I go out more often and be happy.

I really hope to se e your face this new year hawua, you’re Sivan a sweet soul❤️🥺

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Doing things afraid is my theme for 2023 too. I was scared of failure and rejection for so long. I never tried to put myself out there. I always played it safe. Not anymore sha😂 2023 we shuuk our head everywhere that tickles our fancy😂

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It was a horrible year and I wish I could go back in time

It hurt more than losing my parents

I lost myself and I feel void

I hope I will heal from it all

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I’m not a 100% reader.

But if you, Hauwah writes 100 books I’d purchase all. You writes so well and your newsletters lifts my spirit in a way that I can’t explain.

It’s an okay year for me and I’m hoping to have a better year in 2023

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First things first hauwa baby, writ whatever book you want to write and dont wait for others validation about it cos you write beautifully and I'm going to say a big thank you for making this year a rib cracking one for me, Happy new year I'm advance ❤

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I failed at relationship. I saved more, I bagged a degree, I got a better offer. Alhamdulilah, It's a good year thou I cried sometimes

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This 2022 was mehn but we thank God... Hauwa thanks for this wonderful message its really changed my mentality tonight

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It was really a bad one for me, I lost my father to cancer after so many fight. It can never be d same.

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Thanks for the beautiful words Hauwa.

In 2022, I just existed. I didn't do much— scratch that— I didn't do anything. I was just counting twenty four hours for each day, eating, sleeping and going to church on Sunday.

This year, I want to LIVE. I want to put myself first. I want to try new things, get out of my shell, make new friends, challenge myself and be a better person.

I'm really optimistic for 2023.

Keep being yourself Hauwa 🥺. I love you ♥️

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May 2023 be all that you hope for and even more. May you have reason to smile and laugh a lot, dance, and be joyful. May you accomplishment all that you hope to accomplish, and may you never lack. May God reward all your labor of love!

You will stay winning in 2023 Hauwa!

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Year 2022 was bad, not so bad too. Do you know there is a stage one gets to in failure and thinks it has become a norm, I felt it that year back to back. It's funny I can write it now without feeling an ache in my chest but then it wasn't funny. December was God giving me a light at the end of that year tunnel, a win at last. Love; I found none but failed getting to know you better. I'm anxious about the win I mentioned earlier on because that will be my highlight 2023 but I'm also excited for the journey ahead. Not loosing relatives, friends or families in 2022, I thank God for that aspect.

2023, I hope and pray comes with ease in all ramifications

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This was 89 percent of my life this year.

Only I took the risk of publishing my book. And haven’t had the nerve to put my script out yet. The anxiety is on another level. But my goal for this year is to just “do it”.

I’m in fact getting used to rejection only I don’t put in much effort like I used to. I’m just going to keep pushing, because in the end it will be on record that I tried.

I can relay with almost everything on here.

I hope we get there some day. I love you Hauwa.

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